DW Mentoring & Marsport Canoe Club

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Do you, like many of our paddlers, struggle to make club sessions? Do you lack an equally matched peer group to judge yourself against?

How many times have you paddled up and down the same stretch of water without a specific aim or goal for that session, or wondering how well you were paddling without peer feedback?

Well - Maybe we can help. Join out mentoring programme and you'll get structured programmes and sessions, regular meetings to analyse your paddling style and even video work to perfect that technique; all structured to meet the time commitments of your daily life.

Whether you are just trying to improve your forward paddling technique, improve your race times, fitness or just making your training a bit more motivational, we can give you everything you need. Everything from basic plansand paddling exercises to advanced marathon sessions using gps tracking and heart rate monitors.

Prices vary, depending on the frequency of your sessions but we think you'll be pleasantly surprised. Get in touch and we'll get you on the road to your best perfomance possible.

Call us on 0118 9665912 to book or for more information