Marsport Hobby MKII K1

Demo boat available in our Reading store

Wobble factor 8
Manufacturer: Marsport

A reworking of our Hobby, with streamlined lines, a finer bow, a deck facelift and a whole host of tweaks to make this stable boat even sleeker and faster. Great stability for the less sure of seat and good volume at the bow keep the boat dry in the roughest of conditions.

Technical properties:
Length:  520cm  Wobble Factor:  8
 Width:  51cm  Paddler weight range:  65-110kg



Approximate weights:
 Glassfibre Polyester resin  13kg
 Club Spec Polyester deck, Epoxy diolen hull  13.2kg
 50/50  Glass deck, Epoxy carbon kevlar hull  12kg
 C/K Economy Carbon kevlar in Polyester resin  11kg
 C/K Epoxy Carbon kevlar in durable epoxy laminate 11kg
 Carbon Carbon epoxy laminate 11kg
 Full Vac C/K Carbon kevlar epoxy & foam core  10kg