Marsport Rogue K2

Demo boat available in our Reading store

Wobble Factor 10
Manufacturer: Marsport

The new generation of ultra stable racing boats. The Rogue has a wider, flatter hull than our traditional boats giving it more stability than traditional racing craft, yet retains the full length and racing lines of a true race K2 to keep it's competitive edge.
The additional stability makes it the ideal choice for descent racing, adventure racing and ultra marathon events such as the Devizes to Westminster Canoe race.



Technical properties:
Length:  650cm  Wobble Factor:  10
 Width:  55cm  Paddler weight range:  100-250kg


    Approximate weights:
 Glassfibre Polyester resin  19kg
 50/50  Glass deck, Epoxy carbon kevlar hull  18kg
 C/K Economy Carbon kevlar in Polyester resin  17.5kg
 C/K Epoxy Carbon kevlar in durable epoxy laminate 17kg
 Carbon Carbon epoxy laminate 17kg
 Full Vac C/K Carbon kevlar epoxy & foam core  15.5kg