Training plans

In a perfect world, you would come to us or chat to your coach and have a bespoke training plan designed to meet your own personal goals, to blend in perfectly with your time commitments and give you the optimum training schedule imaginable....

However - in the harsh reality of the real world - time is precious and as DW gets closer, there is a real need to get out there and start training.

The attached training plan is a suggested routine, based on beginners to racing who have learned to keep their boat upright and are stable enough to work on goal specific sessions. It's a progressive plan, running from September to Easter.

The plan is in fairly basic form to keep it simple to understand. Within those sessions you will need to add in additional goals, eg. to refine your paddle technique, to work out your most effective race pace, to work out your sprint speeds. You will need to factor in wash hanging, pack work, experiment with your hydration, diet and clothing to get it right long before the races begin.

Off the water - get in as much training as you can fit in. Over the winter, if conditions are particularly foul - paddling ergo's make life simpler and have less impact on timings - but can let your paddle technique deteriorate ,so if you have access to a machine, make sure you work hard on technique as well as clocking up the miles. Gym work, swimming, cross trainers and running all add to your general level of fitness which will make the race that touch more comfortable and increase your chances of paddling under Westminster Bridge.


Training diary Excel spreadsheet