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Silverbirch Broadland 16 duracore and duralite

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Drawing on the classic lines and proven design characteristics of a traditional Prospector canoe, the Broadland is a true all rounder and a real workhorse.

We have optimized the chine, camber, and sidewall profile from the original Prospector design to increase both primary and secondary stability – making the Broadland a confidence inspiring canoe to paddle.

A carefully considered rocker profile, and a symmetrical hull form ensure the Broadland 15 and 16 paddle well either tandem or solo.




Available in two constructions:



Duracore is a tough and durable three-layer Polyethylene material. 

Made to last with a tough, high-density outer skin, a closed cell foam core, and a medium density inside skin to help dissipate the energy from impacts.

Duracore is made with a tough, UV stable, and abrasion resistant outer skin, and is easily repairable at home should you ever have an accident and damage it.



The outer skin is made with an incredibly stiff and tough whitewater grade plastic – the best we can find, the foam has been optimized to have a lower density, giving us a thicker core than that used in Duracore, and the material distribution between the layers has been optimised to make the most of the superior materials.

The result? Stiffer, lighter, and yet just more durable!

The noticeable weight saving over our Duracore laminate puts many models made with Duralite into close competition with more expensive canoes produced with composite or royalex construction methods.



Length: 4845mm / 15'11"

Width at Gunwale: 922mm / 36.25"

Max Width: 934mm / 36.75"

Rocker bow and stern: 62mm / 2.5"

Depth bow and stern: 520mm / 20.5"

Depth Middle: 370mm / 14.5"



Duracore with standard vinyl gunwales: 38.5kg / 85lbs

Duracore with Ash gunwales: 36.5kg / 80.5lbs

Duralite with standard vinyl gunwales: 33.5kg / 74lbs

Duralite with Ash gunwales: 31.5kg / 69.5lbs



Trim options:

Vinyl Gunwales.

Our custom vinyl gunwale profile is matched with webbing seats, plastic end plates, and ash handles and carrying yoke to give a durable, low maintenance outfitting option.


Ash Gunwales.

Every canoe with ash gunwales is hand finished with pride at our Norfolk production facility. After carefully fitting the ash profiles, the gunwales are planed and oiled by hand, and then matched with ash end plates, ash handles and carrying yoke, and webbing bound ash seats. Not only does it give a beautiful, natural finish, but is several kilos lighter than the vinyl alternative.



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