Palm Equipment International Ltd is based in Somerset, England. From here we supply the Palm apparel brand, kayaks from Dagger, Islander and Wilderness Systems, canoes from Mad River Canoe, and Infinity inflatables – everything you need to take to the water.

Palm and our associated brands are available through a worldwide network of shops, activity centres and distributors. Palm products are designed in-house and made by those who share our values.

Dagger Keeper footrests - pair


Dagger drain bung


Dagger footrest nuts - UK models M8


Palm 10 litre aero bag


Palm 100 litre Rivertrek gear carrier rucksack


Palm 12 litre ozone bag


Palm 125 litre Rivertrek gear carrier rucksack


Palm 15 litre aero bag


Palm 15m Bullet Throwline


Palm 1st aid drybag with window


Palm 20m Alpine Throwline


Palm 25L Ozone drybag


Palm 25L aero drybag


Palm 3 litre aero drybag


Palm 3m React towline


Palm 50 litre Rivertrek gear carrier rucksack


Palm 50L Ozone drybag


Palm 50cm Roof rack pads


Palm 5L aero bag


Palm 5m Rescue safety tape


Palm 6 litre ozone bag


Palm 75 litre Rivertrek gear carrier rucksack


Palm 80cm Roof rack pads


Palm AP2000 Helmet


Palm AP4000 Helmet


Palm Amp whitewater PFD buoyancy aid


Palm Atlas Jacket


Palm Atom Immersion Drysuit


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